Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just talking

Bella decided to get up at 8:30 today. Normally we get up between 9 and 10. I prefer the 10 side of the morning. The only good part of getting up this early, is I will have more time to get all my stuff done and still have time to do the things I WANT to do. John and I went to Costco on Monday and spent 300 dollars. It is shocking how much food you really don't get for 300 dollars. Today I am going to Walmart and spend 2-300 more on everyday food. We are tired of not having food all the time. We normally run out of food near the beginning of the second week. This way we will have food even when it is time to go back to the store. He wanted to stock the pantry, this recession thing is bugging him. We NEED to get the garden going so it is ready for the spring. If we grow all the foods we use, it would save money and is good for us and the earth. I wish we had gotten it done for this season, but money just would not allow me to have the garden I wanted. I have some really good ideas about the way I want it to look. I guess my problem is I have too many good ideas, and frankly just can not fit them all in.

List of things to do to day...
Go to Walmart
Sweep and mop the floor in the kitchen
2 hours of internet work (formally pink cards)
Make Spencer do his chores
My secret Christmas gift project
Wash living room windows
Wash kitchen windows

Ok, Spencer is getting on me, he wants to get going now. I will blog at you later!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My business venture

I have made a decision. I am going to work really hard for the next 9 months and make my crafts and save them for spring. I think that I could do better work, and have more quantity if I do it this way. I love Aunt Debbie's idea, and I am totally on board for doing something like that. I don't know the darnedest thing about doing things like this, so I love hearing ideas.

I went online and stole, I mean found allot of really cute crafts to do. Ok, here are some of my ideas... Halloween decorations (signs, garland ect.), Christmas decorations (again signs, garlands ect.), 4th of July, Thanksgiving. I think those are the only holidays I will work with. They are the ones I will be selling during, or right before. But here is where I have cute ideas. While on vacation I decided that I love ocean decor. You know, shells, lighthouses, water colors..., well I love the thought of making a "line" of decorations that revolve around the ocean. I could also expand that idea into other themes... Elvis, cars, Disney, cats, dogs, you name it, I could create it. I also want to crate ornaments (balls to be exact). I want to purchase different color balls, and paint designs on them. I also want to do things like I made for the girl Spencer went to school with. I have sketched out a few drawings to make. I have priced the kind of wood I want for making all my crafts, and it is about $4-7 for a 4'x4' slab of wood. I will need lots of 4'x4'x slabs of wood. Now that I am picking up a few more hours, and restarted my second job today, I should be able to really put some money into it.

I hate waiting to start, and hate the thought of waiting until next year to sell my items. I am a do it now kind of girl. Patients is a virtue, I guess.

Mason County Fair

We went to the Mason County Fair on Sunday. Had a blast. Here are some of the pictures. They are out of order, but still cute. We started at the rodeo, then did rides, animals and then the garden area.


Spencer going on the rides. He had so much fun.

I freaked out while they were on this ride. Too too high.

Woho, slow down there boy!!

Spencer at the rodeo, stick horse races.
Spencer's cheerleader.
Dirty boy after his race.

Mark and Kyla, our neighbors. They are the coolest people ever.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work, work and then I go to work

So I was worried about my "pink card" job and if it was going to be ending. Turns out, the pink card part it, but I will still be working from home doing Internet work for them still. I am going in tomorrow, noonish, so that I can learn what it is that I will be doing. I am sort of excited, it will be nice to be getting a second paycheck again.

So while at work yesterday, I was pulled into the office to talk to Nate (one of our assistant managers). I thought I was going to be yelled at for something from the night before, but he asked me if I could pick up some more hours. I had just asked the other day if I could pick up some more hours, so that worked out didn't it!! I figure I will go in and work 8 hour days on Saturday and Sunday. That will give me the extra 8 a week, plus when the hours change at work, I will pick up an extra 1.5 on Wednesday and Thursdays. That means, with both jobs I will officially make the most money I have ever made, and I am still working under 40 hours a week. NICE!!! I feel awesome right now. I have never felt like I contribute much financially to the house, and this makes me feel like a real man, oops, I mean woman. The amount of money I will be making will pay ALL the everyday bills, Johns paycheck on the 15th will pay the mortgage and his paycheck on the 30th will be all mine, oops again, I mean ours.


I found what I am going to be doing for Christmas gifts. I should not talk about it here, its not safe (people are watching us right now, meet me in the alley at 7pm, come alone). I am super excited about my idea, I just hope the people getting the gifts like it too. OOOHHH, I found what I am going to give my dad for Christmas too, super super cool. It combines both of our loves (again, cant tell you here, he may read this some day and it is too cool to not give him). While looking around online for gift ideas yesterday, I found a super cute cross stitch with a cat that looks like Bob with a Santa hat on saying Bah Humbug. Too cute, had to buy it. I love to cross stitch and am looking forward to it coming in the mail. I probably should be spending the little bit of money I have on other people, but it was on 8 dollars with shipping, and I really wanted it.

I was looking for a cute one with a black and white cat for Halloween too, but have yet to find one. I am sure I will have no time to do my little project, but there are lots of times when I just have nothing to do, and this is a productive project. Maybe I will make some Christmas ornaments for my lime green and red tree, too cute.

Have I told you about my little money making ideas? So, I can not claim that I came up with this idea myself. I have to blame Nana and Bompa, and we will throw in Aunt Debbie too. I want to make crafts and sell them. I would sell them in a garage sale setting, or maybe a swap meet or two in town. I could also throw together some sort of "catalog" and put it in its own blog too. I need money to make money, so that is next months project list. That and to start collecting items for Halloween and Bella's birthday party in December. Wow, too much on my plate huh?!?! Back to the crafts. I made a cute name plate for one of Spencer's friends for her birthday and it was too cute. The letters are glittery if you can not tell.

That got me thinking. I made if for under $5, and could sell it for $10. Then I made a picture frame for a friend a few weeks ago, and it was the nicest thing I have yet to make. Again, $5 to make it, but could sell it for at least $10. I figure I could have letters painted up ready to be glued on, and that way there would be no "I can not find my name" issues. I don't know, I think I could make a little money doing it. With the holidays coming up, I could make really nice decorations and sell them. My only issue is where or how to sell them. When the weather turns, I can not do the garage sale idea, and there are no craft fairs in the winter. My idea is a work in progress, but again, I think it will work. Even if it makes $50 a month, it is still $50, and I have fun doing it (as long as everyone leaves me alone while I do it!!! yea right). So John gets a weekly "bonus", it can range from $20-100, but I figure if I put that into my project I can have lots of things made within a few weeks. I should look into finding fairs, or swap meets ect... . Ok, I have to go, I now have a new mission in life!!! Must sell my nonexistent things!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

One of those days

Yesterday sucked. I hardly ever hate my job, but yesterday made me want to throw down my apron and walk out. I am fed up with people not listening, or listening and just ignoring. Should I really have to explain how to clean? Does a broom need to come with instructions? Windex comes with directions, but it does not tell you when to use it. Perhaps that is the problem. Maybe the people at Johnson and Johnson should have included the following... "when windows, counter, glass ect. becomes so dirty people are writing their names in it, it is time to use this product". Come on people.

I often wonder if some of the people I work with drive to work. Now, if they can get a complicated machine such as a car all the way across town, why do I need to explain in great detail how to wipe a counter down? Are trash bags such an enigma? They sure as hell know how to tell time. It is like the second it is their break time, their blood sugar drops. If they know it is break time at 8pm, why can they not understand that I want the place is cleaned by 9pm? It goes back to the question I asked the other day about getting my son to clean up after himself. Do I just keep cleaning up after them, or keep nagging them? It is like the never ending question... does my husband put the plates in the wrong spot so I will tell him that I will do it next time?, or does he really not know where he gets the plates and has gotten the plates from for the last 15 years?. I don't know.

Looking to buy...

John and I will be getting a new bed (between now and when we retire), and we need a split queen box spring set. I don't mind having a used box spring, who sees it any way?!?! Box springs are really expensive, the kind we need seems to be the most expensive one out there. It is hard to find too. Let me know if anyone out there has one for sale, or knows anyone that has one for sale. Not sure when we can afford to get it, but still looking for it.

OOOOHHHHH, also, Spencer and I have been working hard on collecting Box Tops for Education, and if anyone would like to help us collect them that would be super cool. I was thinking you could send them snail mail by the beginning of September. They get cool prizes for bringing them in.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vacuuming my cracks

I got another wild hair up my butt today. I got the shop vac out and vacuumed the cracks in the hard wood floors in the living room. The floors are so old that the wood had shrunk and created gaps in between the boards. So much crap gets caught in my cracks!!! The floors are so hard to keep clean. I am torn between what is better, carpet or hard wood floors. Carpet is hard to keep free of spots and high traffic areas, but hardwood eventually gets high traffic areas too and don't get me started on the damn dust bunnies!!! I am not a vacuum fan. They are loud and blow dust every where. At least with hard wood floors, I can clean them while the baby is sleeping.

The kitchen is trashed, again. I plan on cleaning it, but I have to wait for Bella to get up from her nap. I just put her down not too long ago, so it should be a while. I am getting the feeling the work will never end. I wonder how I can get it to change, even just a bit. I do the same thing everyday. I wake up, make breakfast for the 3 of us. I do a few loads of laundry, then refold the laundry that got messed up the day before. This is where I would normally do pink cards, but I don't do those any more. Now I mess around online, talk to my friend Jessie for a hour or two. She at that point has to get ready for school. Then it is time to feed the kids, and get Bella ready for bed. While she is sleeping I take advantage of that time to do anything I planed on doing that I can not do while she is awake (sweep, mop, clean the bathroom, take a bath, clean the car out ect...). When she wakes up, it is snack time and bath time if we are going to take baths that day. I don't know why I give her a bath in the middle of the day, I just do. It gives me a chance to put her in a clean outfit. I start the dishes, dinner and finish up laundry at that time. Depending on the day, I have to also shower in between doing all this. I usually do not have time to sit down and eat what I have cooked, so I eat while serving the rest of the family and while doing my hair and makeup. I rush out the door to go to work, or take the kids to Johns work and by 6:30 I am clocking in at the Poe. I am off at 11:00, home by 11:30 and in bed some time after that. So I ask, will the mess ever go away? Will the nonstop cleaning up ever end? I don't mean everyday cleaning, but all the picking up after everyone. Am I breeding children that will not clean up after themselves? I clean up after myself, what is the problem? I mean, it is ok that you don't put everything away the second you are done with it, but slobs? Spencer is a slob. Where have I gone wrong. Please don't respond with "it is just the way it is", I refuse to believe that. What can I say or do to get some help, and to not be seen as "the maid"?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Up date on Bella...

The doctor said that she is fine. She actually only had the poops once today. I really wish I had not taken her in. Waste of money. She said that I am doing everything right (food, liquid ect...) and if she is not done with the liquid poops by Friday, to call them. I only changed the one poopy diaper today, and I am sure John did not have any issues. The good news is, she ate real food at dinner. I wonder if it had to do with me feeding her, and not letting her feed herself.

So any way, she is fine. I will see if she is back to eating normally tomorrow morning. Aunt Debbie, she has been drinking liquids just fine the whole time, she just was not having just pee diapers. She very well could have been peeing, I just could not tell with all that poop. Note to self, stick to mommy instinct, do not let grandma or daddy tell you your wrong. Mommy knows best.

By the way...

I have some windows from the 1920's that we are looking to sell. Let me know if you, or any one you know, are interested in them.

Baby Bella is still sick

Bella has been sick for far too long. I am taking her to the doctor today at 3:30. She is not showing any signs of being sick, but has not eaten much in the last 5 days, and has had diarrhea since Friday. She threw up the last time Friday night, but has had diarrhea for 5 1/2 days. This is what she ate yesterday... 1/4 cup honey nut Cheerios, 1 pouch of oatmeal, 1/2 pasta salad and some green bean and carrots. I am not sure how much veggies she ate, John fed her. One of the problems she is having is she is not peeing. With all that diarrhea, and no pee, something is wrong. She has been drinking plenty, but just not peeing. I don't know if I am just over reacting, but I feel like her tummy is hard too. I thought it was a sign of being backed up, but mom says it can be a sign of a parasite too. She just does not seem sick. If you were to come visit, you would not know that she was even having any issues. I am the reason she has not gone to the doctor sooner. I thought she would get over it. It just costs too much to go to the doctor every little time something doesn't feel good, but this has been going on to long. Any way, I will blog about it tonight after work, and let you know what is going on.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clean little Cori

This is Spencer's book shelf after Mommy got her hands on it. Doesn't it look lovely?
Here is his bed, the bookshelf on the left of it. Don't know if you noticed, but his room is done in Sponge Bob.
This is the closet in his room, before. As you can see the roof angles down, making it hard for a grown up to get back in there. It is a pain in my butt to put clothes away. Plus, you have to limbo under the clothes that are hanging.
OK, this is the view into the toy room (aka the secret room). His bed is directly behind me, so when he is in bed, this is what he is looking at. Do you see the door on the left side in there? That is where I have moved his closet to. It is a normal size, and super clean.
Ok, this is the new closet. The view of the left side of it. For those of you who are wondering about the treasure, no I can not get that "door thing" open. We have no idea what is behind it or how to get to it. I am sure that it is just insulation.
Below is the view of the closet on the right hand. Look at those beautiful shelves that will very soon hold pants, jammies, socks and underwear.
Ok, now we are in the toy room. You can see the new closet on the left hand side of this picture. Those are the windows on the right.Below is the other side of the toy room. To the right is the weird area without a name. This is going to be Bella's new closet. I don't understand why it is like that, but it will work perfectly for her closet. I plan on hanging some sort of drapes or sheers in that door frame so she can have her own space. Eventually she will move into Spencer's room, and Spencer will move down stairs into the office. He wants that room, but he is too young to be down there by himself for now. That way Bella gets a bigger room. Her room now is kind of small. Perfect for an office.This is a better view of that space, the soon to be closet. You can also see Bella's crib in her room. Now do you guys get the hard to describe toy room?This was taken just inside Bella's room, again her soon to be new closet.

So we have lived here for almost a year already. The downstairs is beautiful, and the kids rooms are ok, but our room and the toy room suck. Spencer is horrible about cleaning up after himself. I have tried to make it as easy for him as possible. I don't ask too much of him, I don't over organize things. I just ask that everything goes in a toy box when he is done with it. I use to have everything organized by what it was... cars, dinosaurs, ect..., but not anymore. He just has toooooo many little toys. So, again, as long as they are not on the floor, mommy is happy. So last night I went in there and cleaned cleaned cleaned. I cleaned his room, and then I moved into his toy room. The way it was, Bella could not play in there safely, so I got rid of all the little pieces, and now it is safe. I also wanted to move his clothes. Where they were I could not get to them very easily, and he could never find anything. I MADE him a new closet. It looks awesome. Today I am doing the same thing for Bella. Her room is not messy thought, she never plays in it. I wish I could bring up her big girl bed, but she is just not ready for it yet. I guess I am not ready for it either!! So, now I am making pancakes for us, then it is back to cleaning and organizing. Our room is on the list of things to organize today too. I want to be able to put my clothes away, and find them with in 5 seconds of looking. That is not too much to ask, is it?!?!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Its me again...

So I don't mean to blog so much, but I need your opinions right quick.

So the little boy next door (Jaden) moved out and his parents rented his house out. Turns out the renters have 3 kids too (Edger, John and Angelica). Jaden is a bad kid. He is rude, and has no respect for his mom. He yells, hits and was just not a very good friend to Spencer. I was relieved when he moved because I did not have to tell Spencer he could not play with Jaden any more. Well turns out his parents keep coming back to work on the house, and Jaden and the other 3 kids have become friends. I love the other kids, they are very respectful and just nice quiet kids. Very good impressions on my son. Glad to have them over. My problem is, Jaden keeps coming over with them to ask if Spencer can play. I used the sick thing as an excuse yesterday, and tried it today too, but they came back again and asked again if Spencer could play. I ended up answering the door for Spencer this time (he has a hard time repeating what I am saying, and I wanted them to understand that he would not be playing today). Jaden was out there, but he was hiding. While they were here the first time, I had Spencer ask them to stop looking in the windows. They will come up to the front door, and look in the windows before knocking on the door. Yesterday I was sleeping on the couch while Bella was napping, and I was still in my jammies (tank top, not kid appropriate). I sat up, having a minor coronary, and they were all looking in at me. I was so embarrassed. That brings me to Jaden hiding, yelling "look in their windows!!". That was 30 minutes after Spencer asked them to stop looking in the windows. RUDE!!! I has already said to Angelica that he could not play because Bella was still sick and I did not want it to be passed to them, when I heard Jaded yell that. That is when I said... "Jaden. I think you need to work on your respect. I am not letting Spencer play today because you are here, and I do not want his to learn to be disrespectful like you are.", that is when I turned to Angelica and said I was sorry, and maybe he could play another time.

So, my question is, did I do the wrong thing? We have told Spencer why he is not playing with Jaden, and he understands. My son is smart, and will be respectful. Well, as long as I am around. It is sad that I have to tell him that Jaden is rude, and that he can not play with him. I just wonder if I am doing the right thing, or if I should just trust that he will know wrong from right at 6 years old and not take on the bad. Please write me back and tell me what you think. I really want to hear from ALL of you. You all always have good opinions, and are all good people.

Let us blog

What a few days I have had. Bella must have a huge stomach. It must be the size of a Buick. What the heck. How can milk turn to cottage cheese so fast!!!

So, I was afraid that I had lost my second job. Turns out I have not lost it, it is just changing. I don't know that the pay will change, I am sure it will( in a negative way, I will not be doing as much this time. I think). I will now be entering email address, I think. I am meeting with my boss (Brian) on Monday and he will explain it to me then. When I thought I had lost my job I was just sick about it. I really should have just asked Brian straight out when I found out things were changing, but John wanted me to wait. Waiting just made it bad. I ended up emailing him yesterday, and I think that made Brian mad. I emailed him as if I had already lost the job. Turns out, they just want me to do this other thing. Brian emailed me back and had me call him today. When I spoke with him today, he sounded irritated with me. It could have something to do with me saying I was disappointed with him for not calling or emailing. Or that I was going to have to pick up extra hours at the dept and hire someone to watch the kids for a few hours a week now. I really wish I had just asked him when John said something about my job may be going away. But I did not, I just waited. Open mouth, insert foot.

I still think I am going to pick up a few extra hours at the Depot. I figure if I go in and work a full shift on Saturday, that is like 16 extra hours a month. That is almost $175 a month extra, just for 4 hours a week!! It really adds up quickly. Also, I was thinking I could also go in on Wednesday and Thursday an hour earlier too. That is 6 hours a week. That is $260 a month. Wow, crazy. For someone that only earns $600-700 a month, that is allot of money. John and I have been talking, and we just don't have allot of extra money. With back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Bella's birthday coming up we really are going to need extra money. I don't know what we are doing for Thanksgiving, but I will assume we are having it at our house again, and last year it cost a pretty penny. Halloween is going to cost a lot because we are crazy people that love to decorate. Back to school, well that is a no brainer. Christmas could be done cheaply, but it never is. Bella's birthday is expensive because I am crazy and can not just have a paper party hat party. Oh no, mommy goes crazy and way over does it. You really should come to one of my birthday parties, I am damn good!! Well, actually, some of you will be in Olympia for the weekend of her birthday party. I think some of you are going to my mom and dads for the weekend before Christmas, and her party is on that Sunday. Or Saturday, depending what my parents already have planned. Let me know who is coming so I can snail mail you an invite.

Well, this blog was all over the place wasn't it. I should go, I think I have carpel tunnel now!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sour milk???

Bella just threw up on me. Man did that stink. I am not good with puke. I can totally handle poop. Bring it, I can pretty much handle any of it. But I loose all love for anyone that is puking. Just can not handle it. Damn good thing John was home, or we would have just left it on the floor and moved into the other room for the night. I can not do puke. I, of course, freaked out and my first instinct was to get my dirty clothes off of me. John, bless his heart, thought of the baby.

It got us thinking. She has been fine all day. Like I wrote earlier, she has been up from 9am (with 2 naps) and did not get or act sick at all. She had some dinner, not much, but really I don't blame her. I got her dressed for bed and warmed up some milk. This was the first milk of the day. With in 15 minutes she was loosing her dinner and milk. I instantly thought of the milk.

Wait, John and I just talked it out, and Spencer did not have any milk with dinner last night. Bella was the only one that had milk last night or tonight. That rules that out. It just must have been too much for her sour tummy. Any way, we have put her in her bed, she was sooooo sleepy. I only hope we make it through the night. I can not not not go without sleep 2 nights in a row. I did get a few cat naps here and there today, but not any real sleep. We are going to bed just as soon as I am done here.

I dont feel good

I got a phone call from John last night that Bella was throwing up. I guess she ended up throwing up like 4 times before I got home from work. I ended up staying on the couch, because she fell asleep in the chair. She woke up 3 times dry heaving. Around 2 am, I heard a ruckus up stairs. It was Spencer racing to the toilet. Yep, he was tossing his cookies too. His kicked in later, but lasted just as long. Bella was fine when she woke up this morning around 9, and Spencer continued ralphing until noonish. He is doing fine now, he managed to hold down 1/2 a banana and some toast. Bella is taking a really long nap right now, but she needed it. I had to call in sick to work tonight. There is just no way I can drive all that way, work and drive home at 11pm with 1 hour of sleep. I would be a crying, yelling mess that would probably fall asleep on the way home. That is just no good now is it!! I feel really bad about calling in. My number on pet peeve is people that call in sick. I would not have, if there were not enough cashiers tonight. I told my closing manager last night that I would most likely be staying home tonight(because when babies get sick, mommies get sick. Rule of thumb!!), so because of that and the extra cashiers tonight, I feel a little better. Oh well, I can not make everyone happy all the time. I either go to work and make the boss happy (if he even notices I am there and not at home sick), or I stay where I belong. With my babies. I chose wise.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My mystery house...

So there are too many strange things going on with our house right now. Let me back track. As I have said before, we don't know when our house was built. We have gone to the city of Shelton, and they don't know when our house was build. Don't you think that is strange? Ok, it gets more strange. Last Sunday a van pulls up to the front of the house. There were a few people inside, and John went out to see what they wanted. The driver said he had lived in the house in the 1950's. Now, keep in mind that we have been trying to find names of people that have lived in the house since we moved in. John had a short conversation with the gentelman, but never got his information (I was taking a nap that day, what are the chances!!!). He did get some information before he left. He was a boy when he lived in our house, and his bedroom was Spencers room, and his sister was is Bella's room. John told them about the bathroom upstairs, and the man said that they had always wanted a bathroom upstairs, it was a good place for it. He also said that his father was the one that placed all the bricks on the bottom half of the house. We thought they were origanl to the house, so that was interesting. His father was also the one that hand dug the basement. Now that is where my storie goes, so keep up. I guess that was the extent of the information John got that day. He came upstairs and told me about the people coming by, and all the information he had gathered. I did not really think anything of it, except that I wish he had gotten the mans name and information.

Exactly 1 week to the day, a man and his 2 kids pulled into the back ally. John just happened to be outside and saw him out there. Come to find out, he was the man that had sold the house to the people we bought the house from. He was the one that remodled it after it had be abondend and left to the homeless and druged out Shelton people. He had to 80% restore the house, so he knew everthing about the house. We got a ton of information from him. We did not bother to get his information because we are more interested the house when it was first built.

I was telling my BFF Jessie about both men that had lived in the house coming with in a 1 week period, and she said that it was too much of a coincedence. Why would both people stop by out of the blue? I told my mom about the men too, and did not tell her what Jessie said, and mom said that it was too much of a coincedence that they both stopped by. My dad said, when my mom told him, that it was too much of a coincedence that they both stopped by. So, everyone seems to think there is a burried treasure somewhere inside or outside of the house.

First thing this morning the county assesor stoped by. She said that they come by every 4 years to asses the property for tax reasons. They has some of our information wrong, they had us down for a 5 bedroom 1 bath house, but we are a 4 bedroom 1.75 bath house (does anyone know if that will effect my taxes???). She also wanted to walk around the house and just take a look. She was really interested in the back proch, and if there is concrete under it. That got me thinking.

I have come up with these 3 spots... basement, secret room or under the back porch. I think John and I should spend an afternoon really really looking in the basement for all that money, gold, warbonds, ect....

So here I am, sitting in my house that everyone is suddenly interested in, wondering why they all want to see the house. It really has me truly wondering if there is anything in the house I should be looking for. What do you think??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big girl Bella...

This picture was taken on 4-17-2008.
There is almost no hair there!!
This was the end of May in Grand Coulee.
This was yesterday in the tub.
Tons of hair there.

Blowing bubble kisses!!

So, I was looking at pictures from our trip in May, and Bellas hair has grown so much. I took some pictures of her in the bath yeasterday to show you. It is getting crazy long now.

Update on Johns mom

Ok, here is what I know. She came home, it was hot, so she turned on the A/C. I guess at that point she left. I am not sure where she went, but I know it was not far. I also do not know if it was her that found the fire, or her sister that lives across the street. I guess it could have been a neighbor too. Her A/C was in her bedroom, and that is where the fire burned mostly. Her room was gone John said. Just gone. I guess she had just done her laundry, so her clothes were in the living room waiting to be put away, so they were ok. Just stinky. Also, Johns childhood things were in another room. They were not burnt, but there is water damage, and smoke as well.

Again, the worst part is that she is homeless. Now what? Luckily she is a nice person, and has allot of friends. I think I said this in the other blog, but she often spends time at friends houses. I guess her sister said she would pull her travel trailer into the drive way and she could stay there. In talking to my mom, I guess there are a few options, but we need more facts first. I am sure that John doesn't want me to give to much personal info of his moms, so I am trying not to hit details. But I feel this may work out in the end. Good will come of this, I think her life will be better in the long run.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home alone

A half an hour ago John got a phone call from his aunt. His moms house has burnt down. He, of course, left to go over there. I don't know why, how or any details yet. All I do know is she has had her trailer for as long as John can remember. She was still paying for it, and did NOT have any insurance. Not to mention, all those years of memories inside. She is (as is John) a pack rat, so I am sure the loss is too crazy to even begin thinking about. I am sitting here wondering what the heck has happened, but I don't think John is even there yet.

I hear that she was not home when it happened. The good news is she is never home, she is always staying with friends. I am sure she has allot of her every day stuff with her. I am sure she will be staying here for a while. She works in Tumwater, so it is really close to Johns work. They can carpool I guess. I don't know. What will she do? Is there recovering after something like this when you have no money? I assume you have a mortgage still, right? Well, I guess that is what insurance is for. Her staying here for a while does not bother me. I really do care about her, and want her to be OK. I am just glad we have the 4th bedroom, and thank god I have a futon.

I will keep you all updated when I hear more. I am sure it will be a long night.

Awh, Saturdays...

So normal John gets Mondays off, but today he is working. I am sad. I miss him. We are going to meet up at 6 and workout. I really should go get some food, I never made it to the store and we are ALL out of food. We have bread, 1 soda and lots of lettuce. I could make a salad with diet Pepsi dressing and toast the bread up for croutons. Sounds like a plan.

I cant wait to go to the gym, I could not go yesterday, because we has a birthday party to go to. Wow, I have nothing else to say. That's a first.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pink cards...

I had the question... "What is a pink card?". I don't know how far the commercials go out, but Titus Will has gas cards entries. Any time a person comes in and looks at a car, they can be entered in a drawing to win a gas card. I, as do a few more people, enter this information into the system. It is a part time job I have had for 1 year now. I work for 2 hours a day, not too bad. Pays the bills. I, as a matter of fact, have a few to enter right now. Until tomorrow!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wow, it is only 2pm, and all this has happened?!?!

I woke up with the over whelming feeling that I must go for a walk. Spencer, Bella and I packed it up and went for a walk. I needed to go to the store and get some coffee creamer anyway. When we were done we got in the car and clocked it, it was 1.4 miles. I was a bit disappointed in that, but at least we got up and did it. I took my phone thinking Jessie or John would call me, but no one did. It was a nice time for the kids and I.

When we were just a half a block away from home, my phone finally rang. I tried to answer it, but they could not hear me. My phone is over a year old, but that really is not all that old. I have dropped it over 1 million times, that could have something to do with it not working. Normally when I hit it a few times, it fixes itself but not this time. Any way, I called T-mobile and they said I have had the phone for 15 months, and it takes 22 months to get full credit to replace the phone. I really really love my phone. It is everything I have ever needed in a phone. I am lucky they are still selling the same one. The only problem is the price. When I got it 15 months ago, I paid full price for it, $99. They want $139 for it today!!! WTF!! That just does not make any sense to me, how about you. Oh, but wait... they said that I get some sort of credit because I have had my phone for 15 months. I could have the phone for $117!!!! Oh, that is much better. I am so glad they could help me. I know it is hard to read sarcasm, but this last part is full of it (as is T-mobile). I really have no choice. I need a phone, I live to far from work, and it is just not safe for me not to have one. Not to mention, I can not possibly live without my phone. I live to text. They did say that my local store may have it for cheaper, or have some sort of deal on it, so I am going to the mall later today (before work) to see what it costs there. I need that phone. I could tell it was going down the crapper because it has been acting up the last few days. It actually started to fall apart on the front too. That is my fault, I stick the phone between my boobs allot (hands free dude!!) and the heat from me has loosened the glue on the front of the phone.

After getting off the phone with them (the land line!!), I made lunch, coffee and changed the baby. I put her down for her nap, and worked on pink cards. I sort of got side tracked doing this, so I will finish doing pink cards now. Then into the shower and off to the mall!! Blog at you later!!

So, that is what I have done up to 2pm.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is it Thursday already?

It may be Thursday to you, but to me it is only Tuesday. I am sleepy. I really should just go to bed, but I have pink cards to do. I will put a half an hour in and then hit the sack.

What am I going to do tomorrow? I should go to the store and get food, but I hate going by myself. Bella is a grabber and Spencer just wants everything. I am a 2 shopping cart shopper too, so it is really hard to do without John. I prefer to wait for John and split the list up. The only problem with taking him, is he doesn't think of the budget, he thinks about his tummy. I need coffee creamer, so I am sure I will go and get some things, but not big shopping until Sunday. Oh wait, we have a birthday party to go to, I guess I am on my own tomorrow. Well, I guess I can put it off until Saturday. That sounds like a plan to me!!!

So I am a tanner. I tan at the gym, good prices and new beds. I have been tanning for a few months now. Not all the time, but here and there. I decided to go out in the real sun today, and got freaking tan lines. All that work, and 30 minutes in the sun ruined the no tan lines thing. Damn. Oh well, there is always next year.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday's suck

Today is my Monday. I love that John had a 3 day weekend, but the fact that he was home on my "Sunday", made my weekend just fly by. Normally I feel like I had a long weekend, but not this time. He only gets one day off this weekend, so I am sure that it will feel like a super long weekend.

I went to the gym before work tonight. I am super tired now. I love love love working out, it is the best. I just wish John loved it as much as I do. I don't know, maybe he does enjoy it, but lately it is hard to get him to go. I know everyone has summer on the mind and wants to be outside, but it only takes 2 hours to get a good workout and then you can go outside and play. He was all for going to the gym during the contest that first got us to go to the gym, but now he just in not as into it. I think the problem is there is no reward for his hard work (other than the firm hot body).

OMG, I am watching my favorite show "Ghost Hunters International". Well the original Ghost Hunters is my favorite, but GHI is good too. I love these shows, but the scare the poop out of me. GH is in the USA, but GHI is in other countries. You really should watch this show. My mom wont, she does not like ghosts, and this show is real, so it is too much for her. Some times it is too much for me. The only problem I have with the show, is I have to watch it by myself late at night. It makes for a scary walk up the stairs to bed.

Pink eye

So, looks like John was right. I don't think it is pink eye, it is just mad and acting out. They are much less runny today, and the pink is almost gone. I am sure if it was pink eye, it would not be better on its own the next day. So, here's to no pink eye and no co-pay!!! ps..., Aunt Debbie, my insurance sucks ass.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What did I do today? Let me tell you...

Well, how many times a life time can a person get pink eye? Yes, I am pretty sure I have it again. I am going to wait until tomorrow to see how it looks. I really don't want to go the doctor, it cost to much. We will see. John thinks it may be allergies, but it is just different. I also have a nose thing going onto. Last time I had pink eye, it was a very very bad sinus infection that went up into my eyes. I was fine when I went to bed, no sign of anything going on, so it is just werid.

That being said, we woke up and just hung out for the morning. Bella went down for a nap and so did I. After we woke up we decided to go to the beach and comb for shells. Spencer forgot his bag of shells at Uncle Toms house, so we replaced them today. After that we came home. My neighbors across the street became foster parents today. They are very excited, we just met the little boy, David. Too cute. They plan on adopting a baby through foster parenting, so lets hope this baby works out for them. It takes a strong person to be a foster parent. Not too sure I could do it. John would, but I am just not into it. I don't think I am a good enough mom.

Now I have to do pink cards. John and I are going to watch a movie at 9, when the kids go to bed for the night. It is our weekly mom and dad time. He took today off, other wise we would have watched the movie last night. Looking forward to it, I think it will be funny (the movie, not mom and dad time).

Looking forward to hearing all of your comments on my blog. TTFN, Cori.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok, it took me a while, but I found that link you all needed. Wow, it was really hard for me to find. I hope you enjoy my ramblings, I do it often. I have to do a poop load of pink cards, so I am going to go now. Good night, love me.

A good day to do yard work

So today is John and my day off. Today we are going to do yard work. He loves doing it, but getting him out there is not easy. He got a new weed whacker, but I have informed him that he sucks at weed whacking and that I will be doing it for him. The plan is that the boys are going to "camp" in the yard tonight. It should not rain, so we are still on for that plan. I will be sleeping in the house, #1 the baby will be in the house, #2 I don't want to camp.

Tonight the neighbors are coming over for dinner. I am super excited to be making friends in the neighborhood. I just hope the wife and I have something in common. They do not have any children, yet, but they are going to become foster parents in hopes of adopting.

I just wanted to tell Randi... OMG you were right, this blog is freaking awesome!!! It is too easy, and looks good too.

Ok people, TTFN, I will blog at you all later. Look for some exciting new updates on today later to night.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cori's got a brand new blog

Ok , so Randi said it would be easier to blog on this site, so I have created this in hopes she is right. I am super sleepy, so I dont think I will wright anything profound tonight, but I am excited to try it out.