Friday, January 30, 2009

H&R Block

Well, we went to the Block, and got the taxes redone. The good news, I did not make any mistakes on our taxes the first time. The bad news, I did not make any mistakes on our taxes the first time. I am still glad we went in thought, because now I know that it was right. I would have been very upset if I had made a huge mistake and found out about it down the road. The guy at the Block actually got me 180.00 more back, so that paid for the huge fee I paid by going there, and still gave me 60.00 to boot. Now the waiting game... we should get the cold hard cash Friday the 13th!!!! Good times.

I did get some advice about getting more back next year, so that was worth the trip. Now I just need to have 15 more kids!!! Just kidding. He said that if John claims married and 0, and I claim single and 0 plus both take more out of each check, that will give us the return we are looking for. I already pay 10.00 extra a check, but looks like I need to be doing 20.00 a check. I don't think that John is having any extra taken out, so he will have to get on that Tuesday.

I don't know about you guys, but we use out refund as our way out every year. Any extra bills, or anything big we need to get, we get it with our refund. Looks like we are going to pay off the big bills, and fill the fridge. What more can I ask for.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tax refunds

I am wondering why my refund is going to be less this year than last year. I always thought that I would get some money back for being a home owner. When we filed last year we had only owned the house 2 & 1/2 months, this time we owned it for 12 months. Our income was the same, give or take a few hundred ( no more than 1,000 ). We both claim 0, and have extra taken out for this time of year. Why, if nothing other than time of owning the house has changed, are we getting less that last year?? Any ideas out there? We have an appointment at H&R Block tomorrow night, just to see if I missed something, but I am sure it is what it is. I am not trying to go on some trip to France, I just want to pay my bills and fill the fridge. We really wanted to buy a freezer for the basement, and fill it with meat. We did want a night away from the kids before the baby comes, but I guess that will just not happen any time soon. I guess we will have to save for that.

We decided that we are going to skip our family road trip in May this year. We are going to go to Coulee still, but come home that Tuesday and not go anywhere else. We need to save John's vacation time for when the baby comes, that way if something happens with it, he can stay with me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

14 1/2 weeks

So I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant. I feel like it is dragging by, but at the same time, it is going to quick. I feel like the second half will go even faster, so I am freaking out. I am looking forward to the summer, and being beautiful and pregnant. This baby is seeming more and more real to me. I have been feeling it move around for a few weeks now, off and on, and that is super cool. I can not wait until the ultrasound in March to find out what is living inside of me. I do fear for the baby though. Bella is super rough, and mean, to be honest. My mom warns me that I should not leave the two of them together alone. I have seen her with other babies, and she loves them, but the "replacement" baby may be another story all together. I do feel better about having a third baby now though. I feel like it is going to be very hard, but fun. I will enjoy having a new born in the house again. I love holding them and dressing them up. I will cherish every moment I have with Twinkle, because it will be the last baby we are going to have (God willing). If I could have one wish, it would be that Bella would be nicer to her big brother, and listen. That would make the transition much easier.
Just when I think I have it all under control, I mess it all up. Again. Will I ever get my shit together?

Make it all go away.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wow its late...

I am awake. I don't want to be, but I am. RLS is a bitch. The dog was hot and panting. John's machine was really loud. The heater was on too high. I am up. There is nothing on TV, so I blog. I think I can blame caffeine for this mess too. I knew I should not have had that soda so late today.

I have been thinking about the baby today. Not being pregnant, but the baby. There is a difference in the two thoughts. I am coming to terms with the fact that there is a life inside of me. I have been feeling it move for about 2 weeks now, and that is making it more real. I am starting to get less worried about what the heck I am going to do as a mother of 3, and starting to be more excited about having a baby to hold and love that can't fight me and run away!!!! I was thinking about the bedroom situation too. After some more thought, I have come up with a new bedroom plan... and the family agrees with me. Spencer will be moving down stairs. Now I know what you are thinking. Why should he suffer for the new baby, but hear me out. Right now if Bella is in bed, Spencer is stuck down stairs without any of his toys. If he has forgotten something, he has to wait until she wakes up because he is too loud and wakes her up if he is up there. He is also a deep sleeper. After making a huge noise in the bathroom the other day, it came to me that if Twinkle had been sleeping in that bedroom next to the bathroom, he/she would have woken up. Spencer would have slept through it, or would have just gone right back to sleep without any problem. I have more points, but these 2 were enough for the 3 of us to decide sleeping downstairs IS a good idea after all. That being said... Bella will be getting Spencer's "old" room. This will save me some money too, because his room has trim in it just where I wanted it for her room. Now all I have to do is paint it. NICE. Now Twinkle will be getting Bella's room. It is the smallest room, and has the crib and changing table in it all ready. Just makes sense. I am very happy with my decisions and have set a date to move the boy down stairs.

This will make the toy room more clean too, because all of the boys toys will be down here. I was thinking if Twinkle is a girl, how freaking cute would it be to make that a total girl room in the old toy room. I can picture it now, pretty girl things everywhere!!!! I only hope I can get the futon up the stairs, and into that little room. I am sure it wont happen, but it would be cool if I could get it there.

Now all I have to do is...
Clean out Spencer's new room (Aunt Debbie knows what a chore that will be).
Paint Spencer's new room (color not yet talked about).
Move Spencer and all his stuff.
Get bed frame for Bella's big girl bed.
Paint Bella's new room.
Move her over (she owns like nothing, so that will be a 10 minute move!!!)
Get ultra sound of Twinkle, to find out what theme we are going with for him/her.
Paint and decorate Twinkle's room!!!

I am super excited about this list of things to do. I can not wait to get started. We are going to be cleaning Spencer's new room, painting and moving him Presidents weekend. Or at least that is moms plan. We will see!!!

Bella's room...
Pink on the top, and green on the bottom. All trim and doors will be painted white. All her stuff matches this, it is what her first room looked like. Nothing new, except the house.

Spencer's room...
He has a Sponge Bob theme right now, I will see if he wants to keep that. I can't really afford to change it right now. Plus, he is sort of in between ages and should be into something else soon. We will just wait.

Twinkle's room...
Light houses, sea life, sail boats, shells ect. I want bright colors, and happy fish!!
Not too sure yet. Going to wait for ultrasound, I am sure it is a boy, so I am not too worried.

Well, I think I am going to try that thing called sleep one more time. Or look for some good TV to watch, whatever. Goodnight (aka good morning!!!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second post today

So, Spencer has had some dental issues lately. We found out that he had 2 teeth that were next to each other that were "dead". They had to be pulled. I was quite upset the day I found this information out. My little baby had to have such a hard, painful procedure done. He went through it like a champ. No crying at all, no pain. I can not get over it. I had 1 wisdom tooth pulled and thought I was going to die. He is such a little man. He has to go back in 2 weeks and have a spacer put in, so that his teeth don't grow together before this grown up teeth come in. They say he wont get them until he is around 12. More bad news... may have to replace the spacer more than once in the next 6 years!!! Frustrating, very frustrating. He has had so many issues with his teeth. We are fed up with the pain for him and cost for us. The dentist says that sugar is the leading cause of his problems. I just wish that they would have told us that when we asked 2 years ago. I should have known, but the boy brushes at least twice a day. You would think that would be enough. Anyway, we have decided that sugar is just not worth it. Spencer is on board for a low sugar lifestyle. I know that there is no way we can go cold turkey, but we have switched to sugar free snacks, and juices. He brushes after any sugar he has, so we will see.

Potty training Day 1...

I decided that today was the day I would teach my daughter to go pee pee on the toilet. I got her some brand new big girl underwear and we had the talk. So far, I think she is understanding the concept of the toilet, but it is only day one.

I put her in her panties and told her she had to go potty on the toilet, that big girls do not go potty in their panties. That lasted about 10 minutes before she got the look. I saw her look down right quick, and was on her like ants on a hill. We rushed into the bathroom and she finished her business on the toilet. Very exciting!!! 10-15 minutes later (and a new pair of panties too) I was making her lunch, and heard the distinct sound of liquid hitting the ground. She was standing at the baby gate and let it go. It was very disturbing for her. She did not like it at all!!! Now that I think about it, I should have kept going, but I got frustrated and put her back in a diaper. My bad. She went a while without going, but decided since she was in a diaper it did not matter and did not even both to tell me she was going, and went pee pee in her diaper. We must have made 20 trips to the toilet today, all without any out come. Except for the fight about not brushing her teeth every time!! She loves to brush her teeth.

Later she came up to me and pointed to her butt and said "I poop". I checked her butt, and there was no poop. I asked her if she had to go poop, she said yes so we went to the bathroom. Nothing. Came back out, I smelt a fart, and we went back in. Nothing. Came back out and she pooped a little in her diaper. This time she came running up to me to tell me about it. We ran into the bathroom where she proceeded to finish (or what I thought was finish) pooping in the toilet!!!!! Can you believe it!! Day one and my baby girl has pooped on the big toilet!!! We came out, got a cookie (sugar free, thanks to Spencer. Another story I will get to), and texted daddy. That is when I smelt it. The little shit went (with her good girl for pooping cookie) into the corner and loaded her pants. Damn. So close. Oh well, that was just the first half of day one. Plenty of time to learn.

Keep posted to see how this thing called parenting goes. Ps, I will be buying a smaller toilet seat so she has a better place to plant it. It is a big hole and a little butt!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok then...

Ok, I was going to clean the house if you guys were coming over, but no one has responded and I am running low on time. I will give you until 11pm tonight to let me know if you are coming over. I have tomorrow morning to do dishes and pick up kids toys, but the bedrooms will be trashed still. I would have had to clean them last night or this morning, and I took the lazy way out. Still looking forward to tomorrow!!! See you at my parents house!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I need to know if any of the family that is coming this weekend, is planning on coming to see our house. I would be honored if you could come see my "MONEY PIT". I have to work Friday night, but have Saturday off. I am not sure what day of the week you all are coming in, but I am planning on going to my parents house some time around noon, so if you wanted, you could come Saturday morning. I also have to work Sunday morning, early, so Saturday really is your only day to come over while I am here.

I know that Devon wanted to see the house, and I know that he doesn't read emails or my blog, so if anyone talks to him in the next few hours, ask him if he is coming and if Saturday is ok for him. I AM ALSO HAPPY TO MEET YOU AT MY MOM AND DADS HOUSE AND DRIVE YOU TO MY HOUSE SOME TIME SATURDAY, IF THAT WORKS BETTER FOR YOU. IT IS ABOUT A 20-25 MINUTE DRIVE FROM THERE HOUSE, JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

When it rains, it pours...

So I am leaning towards 2009 being the year that changes our lives for the better. Don't ask me why I feel this way, I just do. John is disagreeing with me because of...
Roof in upstairs bathroom is leaking, and drywall needs replaced now.
Basement flooding.
Spencer has an appointment Wednesday morning at an oral surgeon for a 2 tooth extraction.
Being a bit behind in our everyday everyday.
Hours being way cut at The Home Depot.

I look at 2009 as the year that changes our lives. It can only get better. Right? Right!!!! We are going to learn from our financial mistakes and move on. We are going to live, love and pay the bills!!!! I will NOT go through another October-December like the last 2 October-Decembers.

Here is my half full list...
We now get to paint the bathroom up stairs and it is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!
The cleanest basement floor in town!!!!
Spencer will have no more dental problems after next Wednesday!!!!
Tax returns are a Godsend!!!! Being caught up is super rad!!!
They know what a cool, hard working person I am, and the hours will pick up in the Spring!!!!

I have not been sick once in 2009, which for a pregnant mother of 2 is a wonderful thing!!! I have more energy, and my husband has been helping me clean the house for weeks now. I have pants that fit, and make my butt look awesome too.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dead sleepy

I have to go to work now, but I just want to go to bed. I wish I could just have 2 more hours. I guess a cup of coffee will be the answer. I will be going to bed early tonight!!! At least I will be home by 5!! Then (because they have cut every part timers hours to 10 a week!!!!!!) I don't have to work again until Friday :( .

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I should be...

So my mom is coming over to watch the kids for me while we are at work. I have been cleaning for days getting ready for her. All the new pets in this freaking house have been stinking it up hardcore!!! The cats are mad because of the snow, rain and dog, so they keep peeing under the table in the kitchen. I think I have gotten the last of that smell, finally. The puppy has chosen a spot on one of my rugs in the living room as her personal bathroom. I am so fed up with all these animals. The only animal that is not doing anything wrong, is Spooky Boo. So far she is the perfect animal. I will be cleaning her cage as soon as the kitchen floor is dry, and then all the stinky will be gone.

Bella has been waking up early for over a week now. I am at my wits end with that. Today I had the chance to sleep in until at least 9am, but she chose to get up at 6:58am. Perfect. I have to work until 10pm tonight, and now I only have 7 hours under my belt. I am a goner. I am never going to make it. I just hope today is stress free at work, I tend to cry when I am sleepy and stressed.

Sorry I was gone so long, Bella and Spencer were racing, and Bella got the hiccups and that caused her to yak her breakfast up all over Spencer's head. Very messy, but everyone has bathed now and it is ok. Well, time for me to get ready for work. TTFN!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cori's got some new pants

So, I got my maternity pants today!!! I love them. I got both pair in the mail at one time. I was super excited to get them both today. Remember, I ordered them off the internet without trying them on or even seeing the details really. I love them. They are perfect, so far. I have been wearing my jeans for about an hour now, and the only faults I can find are... no pockets (but welcome to maternity pants) and the back of the jeans are much lower than the front (again, welcome to maternity pants, but we are talking butt crack hanging out and boobs tucked in). The length is good, not too long. Over all, I am quite pleased. It is a rare thing to get two things off the internet and be happy with both!!!

Today is a nice day, our basement has been flooding since 4 am Tuesday morning. It is still flooding, I can hear the pump on right now, but it is trickling out of the walls now, not spouting. Our basement floods with every horrible rain. If the rivers flood, so does my basement. It was built to flood, but it can be a pain in the butt too. We ended up getting a new pump yesterday (can not really afford it, but the old one was at least 20 years old) and it works so much better than the old one. The neighbors basement flooded too, however, it was not built to flood. John was over there for hours last night pumping and sand bagging with Mark. They had it under control by 10pm, there was more water going out then coming in. As of this morning at 8am when I got up, it has not rained at all. As a matter of fact, the back door is open and the sun is shinning in. It is a wonderfully beautiful day. Super windy, but the sun is soooo welcome at this point. The only thing that would make this day any better is if our W2's came in the mail, then it truly would have been the perfect day!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 5 of feeling good

Well so far 2009 has treated me just fine. I have not been sick once in the last 5 days. There was one time where I lifted something that I should not have lifted and I got a bit over whelmed by it, and felt sick, but I rested for a minute and it was all better. I have been eating again, and that feels good. I still can not just go in the kitchen and get something, it has to be what I want, or I wont eat it. That is a pain in my butt, and John's too I would picture.

My mother-in-law got me a gift card for JC Penney's so I could get some maternity clothes. I went to get some pants, but there selection sucked. I did find out what size I ware, so the trip was not a total waste. I ended up ordering a pair of khaki pants and a pair of jeans. The jeans should be here tomorrow or Thursday. I can not wait!!! I have been wearing my Bella Band for weeks now, and I am done with it. I want old fashion pull them up to my nipples maternity pants. I am good on shirts for a while, I will just continue wearing a tank top under my shirts. I have been doing that for quite some time though, so nothing new there.

We, as I am sure you are, are in the middle of a huge wind storm right now. I have unplugged the lap top, and after I post this, I will be logging off and putting it to sleep. I need to conserve battery power. I have tomorrow off, and if for some reason there is no power, I will need to do something. The Internet will save me, as will my DS. Thank God for technology!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I hope you had fun reading all about my life Nate!!!! That will teach you to Google me!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2009

Thank god it all goes back to normal. I am so happy that the holidays are over. I have taken the tree down, but I still have to undecorate the rest of the house. I don't think I will be getting to that for a few days, but frankly, it can wait. I am going back to work today, and if all goes right, I will be able to work without anything going wrong. I am so sick of being sick, I only hope that this is not one of those pregnancies where I get to be sick the entire time. So far I have been sick 4 out of 7 days a week. Yesterday and today I have felt wonderful, and that is a nice change.

Today I plan on taking back my brand new maternity pants I bought yesterday. I should not have gotten them, but I did and now I am taking them back. I guess who ever makes clothes thinks if you wear XL pants that you are 6"8' tall, and love bell bottoms. Anyway, I did find what I was looking for on JC Penney's website, and as soon as I return these pants, I will buy the ones I want online. I only wish I could have them now, but I can wait one more week. First, I think I will go to the grocery store and get some veggies for Spooky Boo. I have been giving her the wrong kind of lettuce all week, and she is out of hay too, so I will refresh supplies. There is a Dells just down the road, I am sure they sell the kind of hay I want, if not there is a pet store in town and they will. I should get the supplies for Maggie's shots too while I am at Dells, Kyla said she could do her shots for us.

So yesterdays goal was to clean up the toy room and perg alot of the old unused and broken toys. That did not happen. I want John's help, but he always gets out of helping me. I don't have the energy to do it all myself, and frankly, Spencer is no help. It is easier to do it when he is not home, that way I don't have to argue with him about what toys stay and what toys go. I got these new rolling carts with 3 drawers, they should work for all the new toys the kids got for Christmas. I got one for each of them. I also have some cardboard boxes that I will label... TRASH, GARAGE SALE, SAVE FOR LATER. Whatever is left over in the room will be organized by what they are and put away. I hope that by the time I am done, the only Rubbermaid boxes that are in there hold things like Lego's and car tracks (aka, things that need big boxes). Really it should only take 1 or 2 hours. Spencer cleaned the room not too long ago, and it is still sort of clean. I just need to go through the toys, not really clean.

Anyways, off to do some laundry, and apparently Bella will blow an O ring if she doesn't get a "bite peese" right now!!! So TTFN!!!