Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I decided that I am going to have a family meeting tonight. (If for some reason you are reading this and you work with my husband, do not run and tell him, please) I have been frustrated with the way the house looks. It is not all John, oh no, there are 2 other little people that are trashing this place too, however, only one of the two can do anything about it without being told. I worked my fingers to the bone last week getting the house ready for the painting party, and it was very clean. Not so much now. Really it is just minor maintenance at this point.

I am going to be 7 months pregnant in a few days, and I am tired. I am heavy, and should be taking it easy with the troubles we have been having with this pregnancy. I say that, but find that I am still doing all the work I usually do, if not more. I find that near the end of my pregnancies I am a better cleaner than when I am not pregnant, only natural. I have a constant list of things to do going on in my head, as well as on paper (and chalk board too!!). I need more help, and I am going to talk to my boys about it tonight at dinner. We all need to pull together as a family, more now then ever. I enjoy a clean house, as does my husband, and love waking up, coming down stairs and looking at my beautifully clean house. Now, please DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME, my husband is a wonderful person, who helps me when I ask. He may lack the detailed point of view that I hold, but he is a great helper. That being said, I know he possesses the power to give me a bit more help at this point in our lives. As for the boy, he just needs to stop thinking I am his GD maid!!! If I find one more pair of underwear just lying on the living room floor because someone else will take care of it, I am going to shove them up his butt!!!!

I was going to go the "mommy is on strike" route, and see how long it took them to get the hint, but that wont solve any problems, it will only get the house cleaned for me once. That is is not what I am looking for. I just want a little help now and then. You know that little things. If the trash is full, take it out. If you are going to eat that bag of chips, throw the empty one away, or put the bag back in the pantry. If the laundry is getting out of control, do a load. If it is folded, and looks like all it needs is put away, then put it away. I worked really hard at keeping the house picked up after that painting party. It was nice to not have to clean the house all week, because it was always clean. That is what I am looking for. If my parents can do it, so can we.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Why is it that kids only wake up early on the days that you can sleep in? Bella woke up the first time at 6:30. John wasn't even up for work yet at that time. I went in her room to try to put her back down, thinking that it would not work, but it did. However, it only worked until 7:30. Oh well. I pulled her into my bed and got 30 more minutes. It sucks because today is my full day, so I can not take a nap, and I work until 10:30 tonight. That is late when you are running on 7 hours of sleep, and 27 weeks pregnant. Maybe I can lay down on the couch and doze off for an hour before I have to get ready for work. I can also take a nap on the couch at work on my lunch.

Yeah, I am going to take a half awake half asleep nap. You know, the kind where you hear the front door open, but miss out on what is on tv.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok, the doctor called

I had to call them and leave a message, but they called back, and before the end of the day too!!! Shocked, me too. Any way, according to the nurse (the doctor has yet to even look at the results), she says that he is larger than he should be, but is still in the normal range. Also, placenta and cervix look perfect. The fluid is on the high end, but again, is in the normal range. She does not see a need for me to go in to have anymore ultrasounds as of right now, but again, the doctor has not even read the results so that could change. My next ob visit is on Tuesday the 5th, so I will hear from Dr. Sears then. Until then, life as normal, watching what I eat, checking my blood sugar 4 times a day, and getting some more exercise. Going to start hitting the 5 pound weights, and walking to pick the boy up from school now that the weather is better.

Bella's new room

Ok, here it is!!!! Bella's beautiful new bedroom!! I could not have done it without my mom, Amber, Jessie and Kyla. She loves loves loves this room. As a matter of fact, she is up there right now playing. She never wants to leave!! It is too cute. I made the decision to hold off on putting the big girl mattress on the floor, it is not cute that way, so we brought up Spencer's toddler bed, and put the crib mattress in it for now. My in-laws have a head board and foot board at the ocean that I just need to pick up. I guess all it needs is painted, and it is going to be perfect. I can not wait.

That is the toy room (the open door to the right). It is perfectly clean and organized, excluding the bit of chalk on the floor there. The other doors are a second closet. Nothing in there right now. I am putting her clothes in the toy room. Just inside the door on the left is a regular closet that has shelves and a place to hang clothes. It is where I had Spencer's clothes when this was his room.

That is the door to the hall. Jackson's room is right across the hall.

On of the many closets in there. Nothing but stuffed animals in there for now, but I would love to line the floor with 2-3 inch foam and make it a big bed for sleepovers.

Same closet, different shot.

All of Bella's pretty dresses.

Her tiny little bed. Too cute.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I have yet to hear from my doctor about the ultrasound. That is sort of frustrating. They do not work on Fridays, so tomorrow is the last day for them to call. I have had to call every other time to get any results, and I wish I did not have to call this time too. What other choice do I have. I am not going to wait a week and a half to see what they have to say. This is my unborn child's life we are talking about, not a stupid rash or cold.

Have I mentioned that I have been having quite painful Braxton Hicks contractions. I know they are not labor contractions, but they are still quite strong. I am sooooo super worried that I am not going to make it to the end of July. Its like a quote I know... "Its like throwing a hot dog down a hall". I am worried that because it is my 3rd kid, that it is just going to fall out!!!! I know, I worry too much. I can not help it. I have a lot of time on my hands.
This is a picture of the fabric I ordered for Jackson's quilt that Cathy, my mother-in-law, is making. I plan on getting a soft red and white stripe, and some sort of yellowish fabric for the other panel. If there is enough fabric left over, I will make a valance to match. The room is already the same color as the yellow roof in this picture, but more soft. I thought it was yellow, but according to everyone that sees the room, it is a off white/khaki color. Anyway, it will go really well with this fabric. Cute huh!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Had another ultrasound today...

I went in for the check up on the amniotic fluid, and the size of the baby today. I am sure that I will have to go in for more before the time he comes. Just something I am going to have to deal with. I guess. I do love seeing him. He is super cute. It is so shocking to me how much he looks like the other 2 kids. His profile is exact to the other profiles I have of Spencer and Bella.

Anyway, on to what she said... my fluid level is down to 19 as of today. It was 22 last time I went in (2 weeks ago today). 8-20 in normal. That is good news. The last time she measured the baby, he was measuring right on what he should be. And I mean to the day. Today, he is coming in 27 weeks and 3 days, I am only 26 weeks 1 day. I know that is not a big deal, but keep in mind I still have 14 weeks of pregnancy left. The last 4-3 weeks they gain 1 pound a week. WHERE IS HE GOING TO FIT, AND HOW IS THAT GOING TO COME OUT!!!! I will have to wait to hear from my doctor, I don't know if this is ok news, or something to worry about. I can only imagine that him being bigger than he should be already, is not good. She did say that he weighs 2 1/2 pounds (how she knows that is beyond me!!!), and that is on the big side.

All I want out of this pregnancy is a healthy baby, and to go into labor with out being put into labor. I want to experience that with out drugs. Don't misunderstand that with not wanting drugs during labor!! I just want to go into labor with out being induced. It is my last pregnancy, and I have yet to get that option. C-section does not scare me, but the recovery does. If he gets too big, I am not going to have very many choices. Bella was 8 lbs 12 oz, and I am sure he will top that. I learned from my last ob nurse that each baby you have is bigger than the last.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nesting AKA crazy pregnancy stuff

I worked very very hard to get this house to where it is at right now. I am very proud of myself. I have a very large list of things I still want to do, but with all the work I have done, the house looks awesome. It is weird, because if you were to come over, I don't think you would see all the work I have done. It is the little things that make the house look sooo awesome. I hate doing the work, but spring cleaning is amazing. List of crazy things I have been doing...

I cleaned...
the heater vents
got on my hands and knees to clean the floors where they touch the walls
deep dusted the living room
cleaned all windows inside, and the ones I can reach outside
cleaned the top of the fridge
reorganized the cupboards in kitchen
cleaned the shelf in laundry area
cleaned floors that frankly should have been cleaned more than once in the last few months
scrubbed the tv. Little hands get that thing super dirty

Then there was the big stuff. Our room had some glasses, soda cans dirty clothes here and there. There were still Christmas trees from the bedrooms congregated in our room (looked like a forest). The dog hair had gathered in the corners, and under the bed so badly that when you open a window they blew like tumbleweeds! When we moved Spencer down on Monday, and cleaned the toy room on Tuesday that made a huge difference. The only problem is, when you clean one room, the rest of the house gets trashed. That left me with cleaning all that up today before work. I still had things to do, but I think I am going to give up. It looks good, and as soon as I light that Glade candle, it will smell good too!!!!!


I think when I get up, which is like in 3 hours, I will sweep again, hang up the kids clothes, do a few finishing touches upstairs and put the clean folded blankets away that are on the table. I should probably make time for a shower, for the sake of the people coming!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My bad day

It all started at 3am, when I woke up. I gave up on laying there with RLS, and came down with my pillow and watched tv. I ended up forcing myself to roll over and sleep at 5ish. John got up around 5:55, and I went back upstairs. That is when I finally fell asleep, and hard. I did not want to wake up when the alarm went off at 8. Man that was hard. I think I could not sleep because I have a head cold. I got the boy ready for school, and took him at 9. Bella has been soooo freaking clingy and whiny the last few weeks, and when I am tired, I do not have the patients for that poop. I ended up taking a bit of a snooze while she was sitting on my lap watching tv. It was not enough.

I had planned on finishing up my cleaning for my painting/non baby shower on Sunday, but with this damn cold, I needed to get some rest this morning. My goal for the day was to make it through the morning, put Bella to bed, and paint the trim in her new room. If that was all I got done, then I would be ok. I really don't have that much cleaning to do, and John said he would do some of it while I was at work tonight. That is when the phone rang. It was the school. Spencer's spacer (the very one that has been replaced 3 other times in the last 2 months, even though they "last for years") broke. Not came loose, or fell out, but broke. On top of that, it was poking him in the gums. I had to do something about it. I had to go pick him up, and take him to the GD dentist. Again. I am not going to lie, I was pissed about having to pay the dentist again. Just when things are taken care of, something happens to it again. Any way, I took him in, and they said it broke where the lab "welded" it together. That means the new one was on the lab. Nice. They took the broken one out, did another molding of his mouth, and we were on the way. My day would sounds like it was ok, but during all of this, Bella cried and whined. I am so over that noise. I am at my wits freaking end!!! I do not know what that little girls problem is, but son of a b-word, it is getting old.

Anyway, we made it home at 2:30, I quickly put her to bed and gathered my painting supplies. I ended up getting 90% of the trim and doors primed, but there is a huge pile of trash (going to the dump tomorrow) from all the toys and crap we are tossing out, in the way of the last closet door. I only need to prime 1 out of the 2 doors, and finish priming the trim around it. 5 minutes, 10 tops. I only hope I have enough time to get all that primed trim painted white tomorrow in between all the cleaning I will still have to do.

Well, I have to whip up some soup for dinner, and get dressed for work now. Until next time!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can't wait

The Mariners game is on today, and I don't have to work. Rad. Looking forward to that!! But first...

?Clean bathroom? Maybe
Run to store
Paint trim in Bella's room (perhaps not)
Ask John to clean the yard, again. Damn dog got into to a Taco Bell bag.
Sweep living room
Perhaps vacuum rugs
Take all the trash out to the back yard

We will see what actually gets done!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


The finished product

So we got it done while he was at school. With all the talk about "we are doing you room", I don't think he thought we would ever get it done. We did not tell him we got it done, we just told him to go upstairs and grab something out of our room. He walked past his old room, into ours, and did not notice his old room until he walked by it a second time. We could hear him running around looking at everything, then running down the stairs yelling "I want to see my new room!!!". It was awesome. He loves that new room. He has not left it at all tonight. Worth all the hard work.

The doctor called

Well, Randi was right. I should not google. It was my mom's fault thought!!! Any way, I did hear from my doctor (finally) and I did not pass my glucose test. They would normally send you in for a 3 hour test, but she said because I did not pass so early in my pregnancy (24 weeks apposed to 28 weeks), and because of the extra fluid we have been worrying about, she is calling it gestational diabetes.

I have to say I am disappointed, but at the same time she said not to worry about all that other jazz, and that makes me feel much better. I was walking about feeling like a ticking time bomb all weekend, and that sucked. This is nothing, just need to eat right and all will be ok. I have been having really strong Braxton Hicks contractions the last week, to the point I have to stop and breath them away. Very strong. Just reminds me how much time I don't have.

That being said...WE GOT SPENCER MOVED DOWN STAIRS AND UNPACKED TODAY!!! His room is amazing and I can not wait for him to come home and see it. He should be here in 15 minutes!!! John just went to get him. I took pictures (the final after) and will post them with Easter pictures tonight or tomorrow. TTFN!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pictures of my fat ass

Ok people, here I am today. 24 weeks and 5 days. Ps, very hard to take your own pictures.

Could it be possible to get away?!?!

Guess who has a date tonight? That's right, ME!! John and I are going to hit the Subway, get some $5 foot longs, and head out to the drive-in. I am not that interested in the movie we are going to be watching, but it is not about that anyway. My PJ's are in the washer and I am super stoked!! After the movie we are going to get rest of the Easter bunny stuff.

I went to Target to get empty eggs, and some candy to stuff in them, but Target does not sell empty eggs. What the heck? Back in my day, there were no such thing as already stuffed eggs. This year, in light of all the dental issues we have had lately, we are not going crazy with candy. Not only that, the kids need to get the hint that with 3 kids in the family, there is not going to be tons of small gifts for holidays any more. Any way, John said that when he was a kid, his mom (AKA Easter bunny) use to bring them new shoes. I love that idea. While at Target I got the boy a new pair of sandals, tis' the season, and the girl got the cutest pair of high heal sandals. No she can not walk in them, but she 100% loved them and I could not pass them up!!! See Easter pictures in a few days to see them. I love that she loves shoes. Such a girl. They are pretty much useless shoes, but again when you see them you will understand!!! I think I will paint her toe nails. Too cute. I wish I could afford for the Easter Bunny could come for Maggie, Bob, Kiddy and Spooky Boo too, but that would cost way too much. Don't worry, Spooky Boo will wear her Easter dress on Easter.

We started our day out at the doctors office, doing the glucose test. Bella was the worst. I don't know why she is such a bad listener, when her brother was the perfect child. I could trust him all the time, in any situation. Where did I go wrong? Please, oh please, let Jackson be a good boy. I can only take so much. Any way, I know what the doctor is going to tell me, they are going to make me do the 3 hour test. If I do have to go in for that, I WILL NOT take her with me. No way, not going to happen. You can not leave the building for 3 freaking hours, plus wait for the blood draw, ect. No way, not going to happen. As is, I am already going to my next ultrasound alone because of her. Some day we will be past this stage with her, and I know she will be a good person. The lab lady had a good point. She said that her persistence will be a good trait someday, and will get her far in life. I will just have to keep that in the back of my head while I am freaking out on her.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I called my doctor to see what the results of the latest ultrasound were, and I was told to come in tomorrow morning to do the glucose test. She said she does not expect me to pass, and there will be a diabetic diet waiting for me when I leave. At first I did not think too much of all of this. I called my mom to tell her, and she wanted answers. She made me google it right quick, and this is the information I have found. I can honestly say that I am freaking out right now. By the way, I have been scheduled for another ultrasound on the 20th. This is some serious shit.

Excessive amniotic fluid (hydramnios or polyhydramnios)

How will I know if I have too much amniotic fluid?
Your healthcare practitioner may suspect this problem, which happens in about 1 percent of pregnancies, if your uterus is growing more rapidly than it should. You may also have unusual abdominal discomfort, increased back pain, shortness of breath, and extreme swelling in your feet and ankles. If you have these symptoms, your practitioner will send you for an ultrasound.The sonographer will measure the largest pockets of amniotic fluid in four different sections of your uterus and add them together to see where you rate on the amniotic fluid index (AFI). A normal measure for the third trimester is between 5 and 25 centimeters (cm). A total of more than 25 cm is considered high.

What could be causing this problem?
Experts don't know what causes many cases of hydramnios, particularly mild ones. Some common causes of moderate to severe cases include the following:

Maternal diabetes:
You can end up with high fluid levels if you have diabetes and you're having trouble managing it properly. Hydramnios is diagnosed in about 10 percent of pregnant diabetics, usually in the third trimester.

Carrying twins or multiples:
You're at risk for high fluid levels if you're carrying twins or multiples. Hydramnios is especially likely in the case of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, in which one twin suffers from too little amniotic fluid while the other creates too much.

Fetal abnormalities:
In rare cases, a baby will have a medical problem that causes him to stop swallowing fluid while his kidneys continue to produce more urine from the fluid he's already swallowed. This may include any condition that makes it hard for him to swallow, such as pyloric stenosis, a cleft lip or palate, or some kind of blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. Certain neurological problems, such as neural tube defects or hydrocephaly, can keep the baby from swallowing as well.

Fetal anemia:
In even rarer cases, hydramnios can be a sign that a baby has severe anemia caused by an Rh blood incompatibility or an infection such as fifth disease. In both cases, the problem can be treated with a blood transfusion in utero. In the case of fifth disease, the baby may recover without treatment.

What will happen if I'm diagnosed with hydramnios?
If you're diagnosed with hydramnios, your practitioner will order a high-resolution ultrasound to check for abnormalities and possibly amniocentesis to test for a genetic defect.You'll also need to have regular nonstress tests and ultrasounds for the rest of your pregnancy to closely monitor your baby's development, and you'll be watched closely for signs of preterm labor. If you haven't yet been tested for gestational diabetes, you'll be tested now.You'll be monitored carefully during labor as well. Because of the extra amniotic fluid, there's a greater risk of an umbilical cord prolapse (when the cord falls through the cervical opening) or a placental abruption when your water breaks. Both require an immediate c-section.That's why your caregiver will have you come to the hospital early in labor — or right away if your water breaks before you go into labor. You're also at increased risk for postpartum bleeding, because your overly distended uterus may not be able to contract well, so you'll be watched closely after you give birth, too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New email address

I keep forgetting to say... I will now be using my Hotmail email address, supercori1227@hotmail . My AOL is just not working the way I would want it to, so I have given up on it.


Did any one watch the freaking game last night?!?!?! OMG, too stressful. I can not even believe we blew that one. Game 2, and they are already up to their old stunts. My oh my.

Thank God almighty, I'm done at last!!!

Well, it took me much longer than I wanted or even expected. I would say it took me a month and a half to get this 2 week project done. It started by cleaning up the ungodly mess that we created in our "junk room". As you see, it was a task to not only clean, but organize this stuff. It all had to go, everything. Also note the color of the walls. The top of this wall was white, but all the other walls were white. The trim on the ceiling and floor were the same poop yellow color you see on the half wall in the background. Just look past the crap.

There was so much stuff in here, you could not get past the boxes on the left in this picture. It was bad. Our printer was in the back of the room, and we had not used it in months!!!

THE AFTER!!!! Yesterday I finally put the last of the finishing touches on the new room. There were so many set backs to getting this room done. I would have to say being pregnant was the first of many set backs, but then all the random illnesses I got while doing this project did not help. Another problem we ran into, we ran out of paint and money. We could have gotten this done a few weeks ago, but we needed primer and paint and paint brushes. That adds up really quick. Had to wait for a few weeks.

The floors still need to be cleaned and shined up. They have never been mopped while we have lived here. It has always been just a room. We never really used it. The people that painted it before us were very sloppy painters and there is paint all over the beautiful hardwood floors (original to the house too!!). I hope to get it all up, but that can wait until next week. The ceiling in this room is also hardwood, just like the floors, and the color of the walls, and the color of the wood is so beautiful. So my painting party to paint Spencer's old room (Bella's new room) is on the 19th, so we have 1 day to move that boy into this room (I say 1 day because I am not doing it alone. John and I will do it on our day off on Monday.) I have made sure that NOTHING has or will come up for Monday. It has to, has to, has to get done Monday or the painting party is off. When we get done on Monday I will post the final pictures of how freaking cute his big boy (yet Spongebob still) room is going to be!!! I can not wait!!! PLEASE NOTE HOW EASY THIS ROOM CAN BE CONVERTED INTO A MARINERS ROOM!!! GO MARINERS!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What next...

So I had my 24 week check up yesterday. We went over the regular things, and then talked about the ultra sound I had 2 weeks ago. The baby is right on track for size. At 22 weeks and 1 day, he measured 22 weeks and 3 days. Perfect. I mentioned that I have had some issues with swelling towards the end of my crazy work week, and she seemed to think that I should lay off the salts and drink more water. Also, I think that if that doesn't help, she will make me take more time between shifts (Saturday I close, and Sunday I open. That gives me 7 1/2 hours between shifts, and with drive time, that is only like 5 hours sleep. Not enough for a mommy to be). I had to bring Bella to this appointment because John got called into work, so needless to say, my blood pressure was a bit high. Again, she understands why!!! You try chasing a 2 year old around 6 months pregnant!!!! When she went to measure me, she found that I am measuring big. I am measuring 28 weeks pregnant, at 24 weeks pregnant. I knew I looked big, but I just thought it was because it is my 3rd child and that is just what I had to deal with. Anyway, she sent me right in to get another ultrasound to measure the pockets of fluid surrounding the baby. She said that if there was more fluid, that is a sign of gestational diabetes. The ultrasound tech said that the fluid is normal between 8 and 20, mine was measuring at 22. I have not gotten any more information. I guess the doctor will call, but she has not yet. I did check my blood sugar last night at midnight (could not sleep, too worried) and 5 hours after eating it was 131. Not crazy high, but the highest I have ever had with random testing.

The most ironic part of all of this is, Spencer was born early because I had low fluid. I measured a 4 at the ultrasound I had the day before I was induced. My doctor said that if I had not had the weird feeling that made her send me in for that ultrasound, he could have died.

I have still only gained 10-13 pounds as of yesterday, but damn, I am huge. I will take some pictures and post them, but I have a lot of crap to do today so it will be some time this week. It is crazy because I can feel Jackson moving around up really high. I guess there is more room in there for him to swim around in because it is being stretched out by all that fluid. I can feel him kicking down low, and up near my ribs at the same time, and it is freaking me out. I just hope everything works out for the best. I can not afford bed rest or a c-section.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Wednesday

So yeah, it is April 1st, and it is snowing. I just don't get it. Any sign of Spring yet out there?!?!

I went to the Goodwill yesterday looking for some random things and came home with clothes for all 3 kids. Spencer got some perfectly new tank tops. They are cool, and clean. Bella got a beautiful sun dress (that for now I can put a white onesie under so she can wear it), and a super cute tank top that turned out to be way too big!!! Oh well, there is always next summer. I have been trying to collect outfits that Jackson can wear right out of the hospital. I know it is going to be really hot, and that he will still need to be in clothes, so my goal was tank top onesies. I found 2 more yesterday. A friend of my mom's gave me 2 boxes of clothes, and there are 2 in there too. I have come up with a few more too, so I think we are good.

Here are 2 stupid fears of mine...
1) He is going to be like 11 pounds and not fit in any of the summer clothes I have found.
2) It will only be hot for a week and turn into fall early, and I wont have enough fall clothes to fit a new born.

Stupid, huh!!

So my sister-in-law is getting married in September, and Spencer and Bella are in the wedding. I want to get Jackson an outfit that is super cute, but it is really hard to find a new born dress up outfit for a boy. I thought right now being Easter, it would be easier, but no luck so far. I think I will check out the Babies-R-Us web site today.


List of things to do today...
Wash all new baby clothes.
Hang or fold new baby clothes.
Wash a few loads of our clothes.
Spencer needs to read for a while.
Make a grocery list.
Sweep and vacuum.
Go grocery shopping (meeting John at the store after he gets off work).
If there is time, lets kids play upstairs while I pack some of the boy's stuff up.
Watch Ghost Hunters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Wednesday nights!!!

Well, better get this day started. I don't have to work tonight, so I am sure I will get all of my goals tackled!!!