Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow... 3 months already!!!

I was gone so long because our computer went poop on us. Any who... I am going to do this really quick ( mostly because there is soooo much to talk about ).

Really nothing has changed for me. Still doing nothing with my life. Still working the same shift working the same job. Fun times. I am stuck in the revolving door where... I need to get a job working like 2-11. However, in order for it to make since to pay for daycare (or baby sitter) I need to make like 3K a month. Yea... no problem. I want to work for a police department, dispatch or flat out be a police officer. Many problems with that goal though... too many to go into. The only thing I can do is wait. Although time is NOT on my side, I have no choice. Not to mention... no one is hiring in our area. I am even willing to drive up north, or even south. Still nothing. I have been wanting to get back into the gym, but I am not willing to sign up for it right now, without knowing if it is going to be easy enough to pay for every month. It seems silly, but I think by going back to the gym, it will give me more confidence in myself, and it will make me feel better. I have been dealing with these headaches for so long, I just think it would do more good than bad.

Well, again, nothing much is going on there. He has been itching to get out in the yard to fix it up. The fact that I was sooo pregnant last summer, the heat, and the wet winter has made our yard a mess. We did not really do any yard work last summer. I could not do much until I was 36 weeks, but by that point I didn't want to do anything. Now we have these 2 dogs, and they have literally recked our yard. We just got our tax refund and are doing the roof, and yard with the money. I can not wait to see how it looks, and I know John is super stoked too.

Ummm. He still doing the Cub Scout thing. Now that the weather has been nice the last few days, he has gotten to go out for a hike with them. There are some cool things coming up for them next month too, so that should be fun. He is currently reading the Harry Potter books. He got them from Papa for Christmas. He finished the first book earlier this month, and is 1/4 of the way through the second one. He keeps wanting to take a break from them, but we are asking him to finish this book before he takes a break. Then he can do an easier book for a while. He has cabin fever bad and can not wait for the weather to get a bit warmer and to stay nice for longer than 3 days. We just had to put his guinea pig to sleep the other day. That was really hard on him, and he is still really sad about it. I really hate to say it, but I think it was a reality check on how important it is to take care of the animals.

After a long 2 years, I finally have her using the potty. She all of a sudden wanted to use it after seeing cousin Louise using it at Christmas time. She had her first poop accident today, but she has been pooping in the toilet for almost 2 months, and that is really great in my book. Still doing the pull up thing when we leave the house, she is good at home about remembering, but not so good when we are out and about. It is crazy how much more clear she is speaking now too. It was like a light turned on. I do remember that with Spencer too. It is nice to have a conversation with her now.

WOW. He is going to be 7 months old tomorrow. WOW. I am super sad that he is getting sooo big sooo quick. At the same time, I am sick of getting up in the middle of the night. I can not wait for him to grow out of that one. He just started crawling yesterday, and the rest of the family saw him do it tonight. He went from "was that him crawling?" to "OMG, he just crawled all the way to Spencer!!". Crazy. He gets a little bigger every freaking day. I know that this is our last baby... but I sure do love me some babies. I will miss the special connection I always have with my kids when they are babies. There is something about Jackson... he is such a warm little man. It is almost like he knows things he should not know yet. He is always so happy, and glad to see me. His smile is the best part of my day.

Other than that... we have been really into the Olympics the last week, and looking forward to the last week. Can't wait for the warm weather, and to open the doors. Want to spring clean, but... it is never clean in my eyes. Guess I am always spring cleaning.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

It has been a long time, but I feel like venting and Facebook can only handle so much. Today we had my Mom, Dad, Amber and Brooke over for Thanksgiving. I cleaned the house (even thought I really did not need to) for 3 days, and John cooked all day. You know, I really hate that I put so much on my shoulders about the stupid things. For instance... is anyone really going to notice that the baseboards have some soda slashed up on them in the kitchen? Or that the cupboard next to the stove is super cluttered? NO, THEY WONT. I was busting my hump for 3 days, and it was over in 5 hours. I hope that I keep that in mind on Christmas Eve. Yeah right, I won't. I will be worse for that holiday. Oh well, it is just who I am. This time... more time for me and less time for cleaning the day of the event.

Family Update...
Jackson is 4 months old now. 4 months old. Wow. This being my last baby, I had hoped that it would not fly by so quickly, but I can not slow time down. He is so amazing. I love him with every inch of my being. I could not love him any more than I do. I have felt a connection to him from the day I knew I was pregnant, before any test could tell me I was pregnant. He will forever be my little man. He is really big. He is wearing anywhere from 6-9 months clothes. Biggest baby yet. He is super strong, and should be sitting up in the next month or so. He has been rolling over for weeks now, and loves it. He smiles all the time, but has only laughed a few times. He has his routine down, and so do I. I put my big girl panties on and moved him into his own room, but he still naps in the living room. This way he wont be woke up by Bella when she is "napping" too. He LOVES his brother and sister. Spencer loves him too, but Bella is not a fan of him. Just like I predicted. She thinks he took her place. I have to make time for her during the day so we still have our mommy/daughter time. I really thought it was going to be harder having 3 kids, but so far it is easy. I do find that I am later to work than I would like to be alot. It is super hard to get out of the door on time, but that is the only problem I seem to be having.

Spencer and I are getting along really well, with a bump here and there. Tonight was a bit tough, but lack of sleep and too much going on could be that problem. He is doing good in school, but I think he needs to pay better attention while there. He is still doing the Cub Scout thing, and still loves it. With the weather being bad this time of year, he just hangs out in the house playing with Bella, or with my DS.

Bella is... well, she is just Bella. She has her good times, and her bad times. Right now she is going through a independence stage. Wants to walk at the store and not ride in the cart. Wants to be in the kitchen when we are in there. All things that any normal 3 year old (in 3 weeks she will be 3!!!) would want to do. The problem though... she does not listen. You have to force her to listen and it is frustrating and exhausting. I hope she starts to grow out of this... its getting old. She is amazing while Spencer is at school. Listens really well, helps me out, cuddles with me, plays with me and Jackson. But the second Spencer gets home, she turns into the mean Bella. She feeds off of him, and they drive each other nuts. Go figure right??? Brothers and sisters not getting along. I just hope that Jackson and Bella get along better that Spencer and Bella. They are going to be growing up together, where Spencer is out of the house more and will be doing the friends thing.

I have been back to work for almost 2 months already. It is the same ol, same ol.. that is good but it sucks too. I have gotten no where with my weight loss. Frustrating, but what did I expect. It is the holiday season, and the food is too tempting. It all went down hill at Halloween, and has only gotten worse. Only 4 more weeks and it will be done. I hope to move on with it at that point, but with my track record I worry I wont. I was walking 5-7 days a week when it was not raining, and was doing amazing with it too. Once the rain started, I quit. I am borrowing a treadmill from the neighbors, but I don't like it. It is really loud, and the belt is too small. I wish I could get an elliptical machine. I would use that. Don't know if it would be enough, but it would be better than nothing and better on my bad knee and ankle. I could get one for under 300, so perhaps with John's next big bonus. We will see. I would still love nothing more than to be a cop, and after finding a woman cop out there to talk to, I think I really can do it. I just have to be able to pass the test. I CAN DO IT!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's been going on around this joint

Well, my little baby boy is now 2 months old. 2 months ago today he came into my life. When thinking about the time... it would seem that I have had him for much longer than that. He is super amazing. I just love that little man. I had to take him to the doctor yesterday because of his skin. A few weeks ago we noticed some spots on his face, and it has just gotten worse. Long story short... he has baby eczema. The doctor says it will most likely go away, but who knows when that will be. We took him off of normal formula and put him on soy to see if it is milk related. I sure hope it is, and that it will clear up soon. It breaks my heart to look at the beautiful face all beat up and pealing. I know it bothers him too, and it is tearing me up inside. Dr. Johnson say that this may effect him allergy wise in the future. We will have to avoid nuts for a long time, just in case there is an allergy there. My mom says there is a link between child asthma and baby eczema. Don't know how it is linked... have not looked into it yet. Turns out John had eczema and asthma as a child. Who knew. Guess I should have gotten a genetic background before I reproduced with that man!!! Just kidding.

I got my double jogging stroller on Friday. I just love it. I have used it every day. John, Spencer, Bella, Jackson and I went for a 2 mile walk Sunday night. Last night Mark, Kyla, Mikey, Aidan, Spencer, Bella, Jackson and I went for a long walk again. I started my morning program today thought. Here is the plan... I need to start slow because I was unable to do anything for so long while pregnant, and then after the baby came. I plan on walking Spencer to school every day (unless it is just pouring, I don't think the babies should go out in that kind of weather. Rain is ok, but not if it is pouring), and then go for my walk. Today we dropped Spencer off then walked for 55 minutes. I did not worry about the time, or where we were going, I just walked and listened to music and looked at all the houses I have never noticed before. I love walking. I just hope that I can start running as smoothly as I started walking. I have noticed that breast feeding and jogging do not mix. Too painful. I think with the baby not being able to have milk, and me wanting to start running, I am just going to stop nursing. I only did it once yesterday, and that was just because I was in pain and needed to do it. I feel super guilty about not nursing, but I just think it will work out best for me. I know it is best for him to nurse, but with the eczema, I don't know if I am even able to do it. So stressful.

I go back to work in 2 weeks and 1 day. I am sad. I do miss going to work, making a honest days wages and having the self respect of working... but I am going to miss the baby SO much. It has been wonderful being home the last 4 months with my family. Even with all the yelling! I know it is going to be super hard that first day back.

I am still excited about reaching my super big goal of being a police officer. It is so hard to not eat the nummy foods that I want... but when I think of being a cop, it makes it easy to say no. I want it so bad. I just hope it happens. I can not think of anything else I would want to spend the rest of my life doing. Nothing seems as exciting or respected as being a cop. I just hope the age thing does not get in my way. I know I can get in shape for it, but there is nothing I can do about being old!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Papa pictures

Some of the many pictures I took while at Long Beach.

Our trip to the ocean.

Rudy and Jackson.

First day of 2nd grade.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I realize that it was our idea to have a baby, and yes I know that new borns do not sleep when you want them too... but I am sleepy. I need 1 night of full sleep. I am going to go crazy soon. I am getting super frustrated with the fact that the baby is not nursing like I want him to do. He is doing this thing where he just does not want to nurse. He just flat out chooses to not nurse. He will take a bottle, and is happy after that... but will not latch on. He just freaks out until I get him that bottle. I want to be a nursing mother, but if he will not latch on, then what the heck do I do?!?!?! I put too much stress on myself when it comes to breastfeeding, I always have. I don't know why. I just feel that it is so important to make the first few months good, so that maybe whatever I do will stick. However, I did everything perfect with Bella, and it is just like I haven't, so I guess it just doesn't matter.

Anyway, if I could just get 1 good nights sleep... uninterrupted, I would be doing a little better. I might not be stressing so much about how or where Jack sleeps, or what and when he eats.