Friday, February 27, 2009

Cub Scouts

So tomorrow Spencer has a big Cub Scout thing. I was under the impression that it was the graduation ceremony, you know, where he moves to a new group ( bears???). But now I don't think it is. Anyway, they are having a big cake raffle, and the boys have to bake a cake that looks like another item of food. Aka... chicken, hamburger ect. We have picked pizza. As some of you may know, I am a control freak. I am going to have a hard time having him help me make it, but he has to, its Cub Scouts, not Mom Scouts. Anyway, today is a half day (perfect for us), so I am baking the cake while he is in school, and when he gets home we will decorate it. It should be my finest cake to date!! I am very excited. So normally I work 1-10 on Saturdays, but my co-workers were so cool, and made it so I can get off at 2 so I can go tomorrow!!! This will be my first Cub Scout event. I am going to cry. Mark my words. I just hope that our cake brings in the big bucks. I even bought a pizza pan to put it on!! Too cute. Don't worry, I will post pictures tomorrow after the event. Should be wonderful.

My mother-in-law is spending the weekend with us. She is coming tonight and will go home some time Sunday. She is going to go with us tomorrow night, so Kyla said she would babysit Bella. Thank God. She is not exactly the most quiet child in the world. I just wish we could baby sit her baby, but he cries every time she leaves the room, and I just don't think they are comfortable with that. I don't know what the problem is, he goes to daycare, so its not like he has never been left alone before. I guess he can sense that I don't like kids. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, I still have to do the dishes, wash a comforter for Debbie, fold the laundry, clean the living room, sweep the kitchen and living room and finish this cake. Did I mention I have to work?!?! Yeah, stay at home mom is easy. NOT. I should probably clean Spooky Boo's cage out, but lets be honest, its not going to happen. John is going out tonight, so he wont be home to cook dinner for everyone, so add that to my list. I think I will just cook a hamburger helper. I hate hamburger helper.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go baby go!!!

So just since I blogged last, this new baby of mine has really made itself known!! It did not really do much yesterday during the day, but the second I went to bed it moved ALL NIGHT!!! It was amazing. I did not want to sleep and miss any of it, but yeah right, I fell asleep. Poor John could not sleep, it was my fault. It snowed as we went to bed last night, and the poor man can not sleep knowing that he may have to get up earlier. He hates being late, he is always early to work. Everyday, sick right?! Anyway, I said the small sentence that doomed him for the entire night, "Your not going to sleep because of the snow". What was I thinking. Anyway, I guess he gave up around 3am, and hit the couch. I have a bit of a stuffy nose, and was snoring loud enough that I could hear it, so I am sure that did not help. Anyway, I can not sleep well without him, so I woke up a lot, and every time I woke up, the baby was still moving. Even this morning I have felt it move like 6 times. It is just crazy that over night it is big enough that I can fell it move all the time now. Crazy.

So I was watching Ghost Hunters International last night, as was cramping a lot. I always cramp with my pregnancies, but it was a lot, and often. It started to worry me. I got up and got some water, thinking that I could have been dehydrated, but that did not work. The cramping went on for an hour and a half. It went away when I went to bed, finally. I have an appointment on the 9th, and if it doesn't get worse before then, I will ask then. That is the day that we have our ultrasound. Can not wait!!!!

Well my BFF just called, so I am going to go. No one ever calls me, so I am going to take advantage of this!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On the move

So I have felt my baby move for a few weeks now, but just this last week, I have really felt it move a ton. I love that feeling. Every time I move, or get up, it stops. Being the mother of 2, I am always getting up. That sucks. I know I have 22 more weeks of moving (and wishing it wouldn't sometimes too!!) but I wish I could have a good half hour of baby movement. That would be rad.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What the heck is going on?

Am I such a bitch that everyone in my life is afraid to tell me the truth? Really, I am not being dramatic. I feel like 2 very important people have not been truthful to me in the last few days. One of them has been keeping something from me for a while, and I feel still is. The other one just straight up lied to me today. I totally caught that person in it too. The only thing I can think of, is that these people are afraid of me yelling at them, or just being a bitch to them. I hate that thought. I am an honest person. I will not go out of my way to tell you something if it is going to hurt you, but other than that I am honest. If you have a booger hanging out of your nose, then I am your girl. If your zipper is down, I will point it out without making you feel like an ass.

Well, here is my comment to this. If you chose to do something with your life that I do not agree with, that is your choice. Not mine. Do not call me and ask my opinion, and then get frustrated with my response. I will love you no matter what you do, as long as you love me back. I am not going to wait around for ever though. Although I have all the time in the world, I do not have the patients. I am a sensitive person, as you know, and will not put up with being ignored, or deceived. Please tell me the whole story, or just don't bother. I will be there for you, even if I do not agree with what you are doing. That is what friends are for.

To the other person... why? I just do not see the point of not telling me what happened and why you did not want to do what we were going to do. If you have changed your mind, then I understand. You thought I wanted you to do all the hard work, and you were wrong. I only wanted you to look like it was your idea, and like it was a new one for me to hear. I did not want to look like the bad person here, but did not expect you to look like it either. It was a misunderstanding, but lying to me was not the way out of it. It really makes me wonder what else you have lied about. It came so natural to you to do it, so how often do you do it?

I love both of these people, and just wish I had the guts to tell them what I have just typed. I know one of them is going to read this, the other never bothers to. To the one that is going to read it, really I just want you back in my life everyday. I miss you, and wish you could feel comfortable talking to me again. I don't know what I said to you in the past that makes you not want to tell me everything, but I assure you that I have not changed, and am not going around telling your secrets to anyone (other than John!!!, have to tell him, husband/wife rule). Call me, I know your hours are different than mine now, but we can work around that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New? Thats what.

So, I did not get any painting done the past few days. Very disappointing. I did get the windows painted today, and in between the loads of laundry I have been doing and will be doing, I will hopefully get the door and closet doors primed. I am sure I wont be getting anymore done in the next couple of days, but if I get it primed by bed time, I will be happy. John and I are also going to be going over the bills and redoing the budget tonight, BEFORE GHOST HUNTERS!!! That should be fun. Yeah.

So according to everyone I know (John included), thinks Twinkle is a girl. I have had the overwhelming feeling that it is a he. I am not so sure now. I took a few online quizes today, and ALL said that it is a she too!!! The magic 8 ball says it is a boy though. We will know on March 9th though!!!! Very excited to know what the heck is growing inside of me. Randi is a strong woman for not needing to know what her little bundle of joy is. I can not wait to know. I don't care if it is a boy or girl, I just can't wait to see if it is healthy. I only wish you could see downs syndrome on ultrasound. I once read that you could see abnormalities in the neck (associated with downs) on an ultrasound, but the technician that did Bella's said that she did not know how anyone could see that. I am worried about it because of my age. The older you are, the greater the chances the baby could have downs. I will worry about it until the day it is born. Silly, I know. I will love it no matter if it is sick or not, but I still worry.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My weekend = more work

So today is my Saturday. I should be painting, but John will be leaving this morning to do some things in Olympia. I am sure he wont be home until some time this early afternoon. I cant not paint until Bella is in bed, but I plan on getting some if it, if not all of it done today. Other than that, I got nothing going. I would love to talk a nap, but mommies nap when babies nap, so can't do that today.

We had Tim and Ashley over for dinner last night. That was fun. I love those 2. I am hopping that I can talk them into moving to Shelton. I told Ashley that before she starts looking for homes, let me take her on a tour of the town. You really have to look close to see it, but Shelton has it's perks. Tim is a State Trooper, and he is working Mason County, so it would be perfect for them to move here. May I mention how rad it would be for the kids to have them living that close too!! Sure, they only live 15-20 minutes away, but still it would be nice to have them in town.

Well, for some reason I woke up at 6:45 this morning, and I would like to go back to sleep while I can. I have 30 minutes before Bella wakes up. TTFN!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spencers new room

Sorry that I have not blogged lately, but I have been working on Spencer's new room. I have the top and bottom painted, and now all I have to do is the trim and doors. I thought it was going to be a 2 day project, but I have been working on it for 2 days, and still have 1-2 more days to go. I am taking the next few days off from it. I hate painting sometimes. I wish I had a bit of help, but one of us needs to watch the kids while the other paints. I guess that makes me the painter. I have before pictures, and will promptly post pictures when I am done (some time next week). I wanted Spencer to move in this weekend, but that is just not going to happen. Oh well, I have a few months to worry about it. I have to work tomorrow, but I may get the trim painted while Bella is napping. Spencer doesn't have school until Tuesday (mid winter break) so that will be helpful. Really, if I work hard I can get it done in a few hours.

I get to work tomorrow 6:30-10, Saturday 1-10 and Sunday 7:30-4:30. I have had the last 4 days off. I don't want to go to work. Really, I don't. I just want to stay home and go to sleep. I have been so sleepy lately. Sleep, not that sounds nice.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My letter to God

Dear God,

I have a hard time telling myself that there is not a person that watches over me. With all that has come my way in the last 31 years, I am convinced that I have you on my side. I have the most wonderful husband that a person could ask for. He is caring, loving and a hard worker. I have beautiful children, and one more on the way. My house is wonderful, filled with lots of love and lots of feet!!!! I look forward to all the challenges that are going to come my way, I know they will. Please give me the grace and courage to face my problems head on.

I promise to you, that from this day forward, I will give my life the attention that I need it to have. I will own up to my problems, fix them, and learn from them. I will not be in this boat come January 2010, to this I give you my word. This is my gift to you, as well as myself and family.

Thank you for always keeping an eye on us, and catching us when we fell.

Working... Oh yeah

So my schedule has been cut down from 32 to 19-23 hours a week. We were down to 16 for a while, but I am back up to 19-23. I think of myself as blessed. I have a job still, and I still get to spend all day at home with my kids. I wish there was more money to go around, but right now I am in a good place.

That being said, I don't want to work at The Home Depot for the rest of my life. I am getting old, and if I am going to further my future, I should do it soon. We always said that when the kids were in school, I would become a working mom like the rest of the world. But here I sit, 4 months pregnant, with no sign of getting away. Not good enough. I have a few options of what I want to be when I grow up, but still have some sole searching to do first. Am I woman enough to be what I think I want to do.

Here is what I think I should do. I think I will work on my goal for the next 4 years. I want Bella to be in first grade before I start working full time. 2 reasons... first, daycare will be less expensive for twinkle if Bella is in school. Second reason, Spencer will be old enough to watch the kids if I should have to work after 3pm. I figure I will have enough friends in Shelton by then that I will be able to arrange rides for the kids. I am confident that having kids and working full time will work out just fine for us.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Step one

So I am happy to say that I have taken the first step bringing the new baby home. I have gotten 1 gallon of paint. Thats right, 1 gallon. This coming weekend we are going to clean out Spencer's new room, and I will work on painting it this coming week. I have Monday-Thursday off, so it should be easy. Today, after Spencer's dentist appointment, we are going to reorganize the basement so we have a place to put all that crap that is in the "office". Then, like I said, we will clean it out and put it all in the basement next Monday. I figure it will be a one day battle. Then I can tape it off Tuesday, and paint Wednesday and Thursday. Spencer moves in Monday-Tuesday the 16th and 17th. I am going with a classic boy room... 2 blues, light blue on top and darker blue on bottom with a white trim in between. I will take lots of before, during and after pictures. I am super excited to be getting started!!!!